Get your full hair back. Double your confidence in business.
63% of businessmen with hair loss claim that they feel less respected and convincing.
You don't need to be one of them. ACT NOW!
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and get a FREE PRP treatment (value CHF 680)
High quality FUE hair transplantation packages starting from CHF 2490.
Europe's # 1 Medical Agency For Reliable Hair Transplantation Abroad
Don't just take our word for it...
Everything was brilliant. Definitely recommend the experience.
Hotel, transfer, consultation: superb. I felt very well supported during the entire process. They were event talking my mother tongue in the hospital.  Believe it or not my new full hair really boosted my business results. You are delivering a great service. 
Valentin A. , Zürich
You won't believe how much my life changed with my hair transplantation. I was hesitating to go to another country for such an operation. But when you are in professional hands its so confortable, easy and high quality. I never felt alone or lost. I definitely recommend any one to work with Global Medical.
Stephan T. , Zug
Definitely a great service for hair transplant! I got a high quality hair transplant in Istanbul. I have never seen such a great hospital and a great operation team. I’m so happy to have my hair and confidence back – and I’m only paying 100 CHF per month!  
Adrien G. , Laussanne
Thank you guys! Today I am celebrating my promotion to sales manager. A year ago I could not even thing of this. With my new hair I am much more confident in front of my customers. This is a high quality, rightly priced, life changing treatment. 
Martin P. , Fribourg
Real Results of Hair Transplantation
Professionals count on:
Global Medical Care
"As a professional bodybuilder, in all competitions, the jury is not only evaluating the definition and size of my muscles, but also my overall look. Thus, for my hair transplantation I had to work with real professionals for a perfect look.  

With all inclusive packages of Global Medical Care, I was hosted like a king and got a very high quality treatment in Jun'17. Everything was above my expectations.

This year, I’m going for the title of European Champion – and my full hair will be ready..
Swiss Body Building Champion 2016
Flamur Grabovci
Why our Customers Trust Us for
Hair Transplantation?
Highest Quality
Most developed technology (FUE)
No scar nor seam nor pain
Only best roots selected
World-Class Hospitals
Operations in proper operating rooms, in JCI and TUV accredited clinics in Turkey.
Best Medical Teams
Very experienced professionals performing more than 300 treatments/year
Best Rates
Without making any concessions to quality or patient safety, +60% discount vs. European prices.
All-Inclusive Packages
Packages that contain transfers, accommodation, translator services and much more 
Customer Satisfaction
More than 2000 happy clients who gained their perfect hair back
Payment Plans
Flexible payment plans of up to 24 instalments (~120 CHF/ month)
Swiss Quality
All organized by Global Medical Care® a Swiss company offering Swiss quality globally.
Legal Protection
Payments done in your country over a European contract.
63% of businessmen with hair loss claim that they: 
  •  Fell less respected
  •  Feel less convincing
  •  Close less deals than their peers
Change your destiny. ACT NOW!
Request a free online consultation NOW! 
and get a FREE PRP treatment (value CHF 680)
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Global Medical Care in Brief
We are dedicated to patient safety and comfort, and our carefully selected network of partner hospitals and clinics are proven leaders in their fields. All medical establishments in the GMC Network are accredited with recognised medical bodies worldwide.
For over 5 years, we have provided our customers with affordable world-class healthcare solutions.
All treatments and operations are made by leading internationally certified doctors with the highest success rates in Europe.
All our partner hospitals are recognised leaders that use the advanced medical technologies and offer the latest procedures.
All our partner medical establishments have an international patient relations team capable of speaking your language.
All treatments and operations are offered at a fraction of the cost one would incur in his/her home country.
All treatment and accommodation packages are organised by Global Medical Care®: Swiss Quality Everywhere You Go!
With offices in Zurich, Geneva, Boston, Amsterdam, Dubai and in Istanbul, we assist our customers obtain highly popular and sought-after medical procedures.
During the past 5 years alone, we have helped over 7000 patients get world-class medical treatments at 50% discounts or more. 
Get your full hair back. Double your confidence in business.

Here are the words of a young salesman Quentin from St Gallen-Switzerland. 
For years, I was looking at my hairline going further and further back. I had great hair when I was younger, so it felt like an attack on my identity sometimes. When I would shower, there would be more and more hair in the sink. In the beginning, I tried to hide it. I started to wear hats and caps more often. I used every “magical” hair loss cream and the only thing I got from it was more frustration. In business side, I had to meet with new clients every day as I am working as a sales man. But I realised that the more I lost my hair the less successful I become. I was really losing my self confidence and this was reflected to my business results.

I started to look at hair transplants, because I’ve heard that other people were successful. I found out that hair transplants are not as complicated as I thought and I was amazed by the idea that I could have my hair transformed in 48 days. When I saw the Swiss prices of 10’000 – 15’000 CHF, I realized I could never afford that. I felt helpless and sad, and talked to my best friend to feel a bit better. When he heard what I’m sad about he laughed at me and said: “Come on man, you don’t know that you can get this for much less money in world-class certified clinics abroad?” I didn’t know, how should I know? I started researching day and night, because I was determined to solve my hair problem. After that search I realised that arranging this trip alone is a big hustle. How I could define to whom to believe every body claimed that they are the best, 

Throughout my researched I met Global Medical Care. They explained me their already proven process and promised me high-quality hair transplants without the worries of organizing everything myself. They had a perfect system that I can count on. Naturally, I was afraid of the dangers of getting lost in a foreign country. They explained to me that it’s impossible that I would get lost. I will have my driver that picks me up and transports me from the hotel to the clinic and back. All the staff members in the clinics are multi-lingual, and I have the option to get a translator to make everything go smoothly. I was still a bit nervous, but I made the decision to take the step.  

A couple weeks later, I boarded on the flight from Zurich to Istanbul. I landed at the Istanbul Airport in Istanbul and instantly saw my driver with a huge sign with my name on it. Murat, my driver, drove me to a very nice 4-star hotel in central Istanbul and recommended the best places to eat. We met the other day in the morning and Murat drove me to the clinic. I was amazed, it was much more luxurious than any other hospital I’ve seen before. The surgery was routine – it was evident that my doctor is a high level professional. After surgery, I enjoyed the sightseeing of beautiful sunny Istanbul – it was holiday and hair transformation in one package. After only 3 days, I was on my way back, ready to have my full hair back. It needed some patience, but then the results came very fast. 

I feel like a new person with my full hair. My confidence is high and I feel proud when I look into the mirror. Needless to say: I don’t wear hats and caps anymore. Working with GMCare has been a great experience. The medical staff was extremely professional, the non-medical staff was very friendly and organized. I was supported in every part of the process, from the idea to the realization. I highly recommend to take the next step and transform your hair (and life!) with GMCare as I did.
Request a free online consultation NOW! 
and get a FREE PRP treatment (value CHF 680)
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